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ScentAir – The US brand name, Scent Marketing / Aroma Marketing, researched and found that using the favorite scent in the store, house, office,…etc, the smell will control the thoughts, feelings and attitudes to the person who feels the scent.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and envision an environment filled with your favorite scent. The tantalizing smell of warm apple pie just out of the oven. An invigorating ocean breeze fragrance that instantly transports you to the beach. A lavender vanilla that encourages an escape into relaxation. With ScentAir, you can make hotel guests feel instantly at ease while they’re checking in. Entice casino visitors to linger a little longer because of the heavenly aromas. Make a sterile healthcare environment friendlier and more welcoming. That is the power of scent marketing. For decades, ScentAir has been the global leader in scent marketing industry. We create memorable customer experiences that improve satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and engage buying behavior for clients across various industries.

Scent Air – The best brand ‘s Aroma Marketing – Scent Marketing 

When entering a new space, people often think that they will keep an eye on the beauty, luxury of that space, as well as the layout of decorations, colors there first. In fact, ScentAir proved that the first thing that you feel when entering a certain space is the scent, then the surroundings and finally the sound in that place..

Our most powerful memories are those tied to our sense of smell, which makes olfactory marketing the final frontier for businesses looking for a competitive edge. Scent is the most powerful way to connect on emotional and memorable levels with your customers. We have used scent in our homes and lives for millennia and businesses are just starting to tap into this awesome power. ScentAir is the global leader in olfactory (scent) marketing. We add more to your customer experience through the power of scent.


ScentAir - Scent / Aroma Marekting - Fragrance SCENTAIR-APPLIANCZ VIETNAM

How to make the deepest impression with each person, each customer? ScentAir has researched and developed Aroma Marketing / Scent Marketing. ScentAir was founded in the early 1990s (1994) in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has been developing and researching the best Scent Marketing / Aroma Marketing products on the market. , quality and aroma/scent/fragrance – with over 10,000 fragrances have been studied and applied.

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ScentAir prides itself on air diffusion in any space. Creating a diffused fragrance that attracts everyone’s attention through the sense of smell. The scents of ScentAir are introduced to improve space in the most subtle way for people to feel comfortable. Thus, every year, the number of users and ScentAir’s impressive people, not forget the smell of ScentAir characteristics are constantly increasing, now more than 50,000 stores in 109 countries have been using the products and ScentAir services. ScentAir is the largest and most experienced scent market in the world. While you can use brand marketing techniques, we believe our Aroma /Scent marketing solutions bring you competitive edge, giving your customers a full sensory experience.

Aroma Marketing / Scent Marketing – Application

In fact, ScentAir is used in diversity Businesses (fashion, cosmetics, F&B,etc.), large hotel restaurants, corporate office or museums, libraries and Including housing … .Be a fragrance strategy ( Scent Marketing). Fragrances have a great impact on customer psychology, providing a pleasant feeling when walking into shopping mall / store or lounge, restaurants…, which boosts the profitability of the business to be increased, which will be branded by the customer.

When the advertisement message is primarily visual, unforgettable emotions come from the fragrance. Understand that, the business brand building with a good method is scent. ScentAir is chosen by many brands because there are hundreds of scents for different businesses to “pamper” the customer, based on the characteristics of each product to apply the scent to the store:  clothing stores using roses, confectionery using cookies, and so on. So some brands, especially in the retail sector. And services are enjoying enormous success through branding efforts by using the sense of smell in their own business.

Not only the business world, the scent for housing is also a matter of concern. Living space is the warmest place, when the fragrance is brought into the living space will combine to bring the most comfortable. ScentAir has the fragrances  like the sweet orange, fresh tropical flavor, chocolate biscuits sweet, …

ScentAir is the top scent solution in the US, with high performance and safety. Scent Air helps you welcome people with a good first impression, connecting deep feelings between you and your surroundings. Express your brand and show your brand with Scent Air.

ScentAir Viet Nam – ScentAir’s Exclusive Distributor AppliancZ VietNam 

In Vietnam, aromatherapy diffuser is gradually being imported from many countries in the world, but its effectiveness and longevity are not guaranteed.

AppliancZ is the official importer of the Scent Air line, the United States since 2009 will confidently bring you the best products.

ScentAir customers include: Sheraton, Catwalk, Caravell, Club Royale, Vincom, TNG fashion chain, Ivy Moda, Rolex, Cartier, Bulgari and modeled apartments in Capitaland. Son Kim land, Nassim ….

We will develop further in the future, bring the quality products, reputation, assurance, safety and especially our best service.

Although ScentAir – Scent / Aroma Marketing is still a new way of doing business in Vietnam but in the future, it will be able to create something far beyond the expectation in marketing in general and in other areas in particular. Customer satisfaction is our great goal.



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