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JOHNSON CONTROLS(IBS-Integrated Building Sollution)


Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is a global leader for Integrated Building Solutions (IBS) such as BMS, HVAC (York by Johnson Controls), Fire Protection (Tyco by Johnson Controls), Access Control and Security systems.

Johnson Controls - IBS - Intergrated Building Sollution- Giải pháp tích hợp xây dựng tòa nhà JOHNSON CONTROLS(IBS-Integrated Building Sollution)

Since 1885, Johnson Control has been established, committed to sustainability both quality and technology that remains today. Since the invention of the first electric room thermostat, Johnson Control has created the world’s best-of-breed technology, Johnson Control has been a company, The brand is leading the way for a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries, who are always there to help and win customers and create greater value for all through strategic focus on buildings. and energy growth platforms.

AppliancZ VietNam JSCJohnson Controls‘s Exclusive Distributor (IBS – Integrated Building Solution)

Since 2011, AppliancZ Vietnam JSC became an Exclusive Distributor of Johnson Control, mainly supplying BMS equipment and services for a wide range of projects: high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts, factories which provides optimizing solutions in term of investments and cost-savings yet high efficiency.

Johnson Controls - Intergrated Building Sollutions - Appliancz- IBS - Giải pháp tích hợp tòa nhà JOHNSON CONTROLS(IBS-Integrated Building Sollution)

Providing BMS services such as maintenance, T&C and products: DDC controllers, Network Automation Engine (NAE), Field Equipment, Valves, Actuators, VAV boxes, Thermostats, etc.

The future is being built today, and Johnson Controls is making the future more efficient, secure and sustainable.

AppliancZ Vietnam aims to create intelligent buildings, energy efficient solutions, integrated infrastructure and next-generation traffic systems that work seamlessly to bring promise to smart cities and communities. At the heart of it, that promise is to provide innovations that make life for the people – and the world – even better.

Learn more about Johnson Control – IBS – Intergrated Building Solution :     JOHNSON CONTROLS(IBS-Integrated Building Sollution)

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