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Scent Marketing Solution for Business

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ScentAir – Modern Scent Marketing Solution – Selecting Target Customers

You are wondering how traditional marketing methods are losing its effective, how to attract customers to pay attention to your brand?

Scent Marketing is a new trend nowadays, using by many big companies in the world as a way to attract the attention of customers and make customers memorize their brand. 

So, how is scent marketing?

According to scientific research, the human’s sense of smell is able to memorize more quickly and permanently than other senses. When we smell a scent, we will immediately remember the scent to the brain. Next time, when we smell that scent again we will immediately recall the circumstances that we have experienced. Brands take this advantage of scent to market for fashion, jewelry, hotels, shopping centers, fitness centers, etc., and this thing has proven its effectiveness, customers have more positive feedback on the products than when not using the scent, also helping to increase purchasing power.

ScentAir, a brand from the United States, is now the market leader in scent marketing. With experience of over 20 years and have cooperated with major brands in the world such as Disney, Sheraton, Westin, etc. ScentAir will provide the best scent solution for your brand. We have thousands of fragrances ready to meet all of your needs.

Let’s find out how ScentAir’s fragrances affect consumers, discover the power of scent:

Testing the effect of scent on the customer’s shopping behavior:

ScentAir – brand of scent marketing solution: ScentAir - Scent Marketing Solution Scent Marketing Solution for Business


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