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YORK® YVAG Air-cooled DC Inverter Reversible Heat Pumps

Our new YORK® YVAG is designed for real-world efficiency. Part load performances meet the highest efficiency values and deliver performance beyond typical heat pump
efficiency levels in cooling and heating.
YORK® YVAG uses a high-efficiency DC inverter compressor together with advanced variable frequency drive technology which ensures stable operation across the entire operating
range. Compressor frequency range goes from 15 ~ 120%, to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of residential load changes. YORK® YVAG units not only uses a high efficiency


  • High Efficiency
    • Providing the lowest possible operating costs
  • Easy Installation & Operation
    • Modular concept
  • Perfect Comfort in a Wide Operating Range
    • Wide operating envelope with lower sound levels

Cooling capacities from 11.2 kW to 40 kW
Heating capacities from 12.6 kW to 42 kW

With the wide operating range, YORK® YVAG is perfect for all climates. It does not matter if the ambient temperature in summer is 48°C or if in winter is -25°C, as the unit will maintain the efficiency in stable operation, to provide users with the most comfortable air conditioning experience. With the heating outlet water temperatures up to 58°C

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