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YORK® Mobile HEPA Air Handling Unit YMU Series

YORK® Mobile HEPA Air Handling Unit YMU series is a movable, self-contained high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system with an ultraviolet (UV) lamp that helps to disinfect the air.

It can be used as a complete exhausting system to create a negative pressure isolation room for possible use with people known or suspected of having viruses or other infectious diseases.

Also, it can be used as a clean air recirculation system in clinics, waiting rooms, nursing homes, and other high human traffic areas to purify and disinfect the indoor air. It can deliver up to 1500/2500 CMH to provide a large number of room air changes per hour to minimize the spread of airborne diseases to patients and health care workers.


The air passes through the HEPA filter with microorganism purification rate 99.99%@0.3μm, and UV lamp will emit 254nm wavelength UV lights, and absorbed by biological organism DNA/RNA and proteins, causing rupture of cell walls and death of an organism, hence will lead to disinfection purpose. The purified and disinfected air may be exhausted directly to the exterior by connecting flexible ducting to the 200mm diameter collar located on the unit’s back or recirculating in the room.

Product Features: “A low-cost solution to creating an isolation room!”

An easy and economical solution for creating a negative pressure isolation room. Simply roll the YORK® Mobile HEPA Air Handling Unit into a standard room, connect flexible ducting to the 200mm flanged collar for 100% exhaust and vent the purified air to the exterior through a window or wall.

With wheels easily movable.
Wheels with locks

H13 grade HEPA filter
Microorganism purification rate 99.99% @0.3μm.
H14 grade filter as an option.

UV Sterilization
UV lamp provided as a standard offering, helps kill bacteria/virus to disinfect.
12000hours life span(16months)

Smart Control
Screen touch with on/off, Manual/Auto, Timer, UV on/off, speed control, etc.

Easy Maintenance
HEPA size standard, easy to obtain.
HEPA replacement indication available.
Access door opens without a tool for maintenance.

Flexible Application
100% exhaust and 100% supply flexible switchable.
200mm diameter round duct collar provided as a standard offering.

Room Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)
Up to 12 ACH in 125 m3 / 208 m3 respectively for 2 models.

EC motor
High efficiency with 10 speeds adjustable, low noise, and energy saving.

YORK® Mobile HEPA Air Handling Unit YMU Series YORK® Mobile HEPA Air Handling Unit YMU Series


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