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YCAL Scroll Chiller

YCAL Scroll Chiller from YORK® minimizes operating cost by combining our legacy of innovation with a packaged design that’s simple to own and operate.

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability


YCAL Scroll Chiller from YORK® – Minimize the total cost of ownership for your air conditioning application with our YCAL Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller. This air-cooled chiller uses scroll compressor technology and is a reliable, completely self-contained unit that is designed for easy, low-cost outdoor installation.

Our YCAL Scroll Chiller feature a single-point power connection for reduced wiring costs, industry leading environmentally friendly design, high energy efficiency, and a light, small unit that maximizes your usable space.

*Product feature:

  • Capacity: 15 đến 65 TR (50 đến 225 kW)
  • Environmental Responsibility Is Standard – YORK® chillers, with zero-ODP HFC-410A refrigerant and up to 50% less refrigerant charge, make you the leader in environmental design.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership – Excellent energy efficiency, high reliability, and easy maintenance minimize your cost of ownership.
  • More Building…Less Chiller – YCAL Scroll chiller are lighter and smaller than competitive units, which minimizes your installation cost and maximizes your usable space.
  • Many Applications, One Chiller – YCAL Scroll chiller offer a variety of energy, sound, and mechanical configurations to suit your many application needs.

YCAL Scroll Chiller of YORK® by Johnson Controls


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