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Vertical High Rise FCU

Vertical High Rise FCU of YORK® is designed to maximize flexibility of selection and installation, and for ease of service. The units are also designed to exceed the stringent quality standards of the institutional market, while remaining cost competitive in the commercial and residential segments of the market. Vertical High Rise FCU set the new standards for innovation, quality, flexibility, and competitive pricing

  • High Performance
  • Design Flexibility
  • Convenient Installation
  • Optimum Building Performance
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Vertical High Rise FCU Maximum performance, design flexibility, and low-installation cost. The FS fan-coil unit offers a direct-drive fan with 3-speed PSC or ECM, or proportional ECM. Blower design is optimized for cabinet airflow and sound performance. Enhanced sound levels are achieved through the field adjustable ECM which allows further motor-speed fine tuning.

*Product Feature:

  • Capacity: 350 to 1,200 CFM
  • Flexible design – Single or dual units, exposed or concealed cabinet; 2- or 4-pipe coils.
  • Installation ease – Units ship with risers installed; optionally, risers can ship loose and be installed and tested in the field, to reduce project cycle time; stainless-steel, braided hoses speed coil connections.
  • Optimized performance – ARI-440 certified and labeled; chilled-water coil for cooling, hot-water or electric coil for heating.
  • Enhanced humidity control – Unique options available to mitigate conditions that contribute to mold.
    Piping packages – Factory-assembled piping packages available.
  • Choice of controls – Thermostats can be analog, digital display, or programmable; unit-mount or remote-mount. Controls can be interfaced with a building automation system, or operate on a stand-alone basis.
  • Excellent IAQ – Low sound levels; sloped drain pans are also cleanable; cabinets can be insulated with foil-faced fiberglass or closed-cell foam.
  • Superior serviceability – Blower housing and drain pan can be removed for servicing.

Vertical High Rise FCU of YORK® by Johnson Controls


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