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SIMPLEX 4098-9770 CO Sounder base

  • Model: 4098-9770
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Standard: UL, ULC, CSFM Listed; FM approved


SIMPLEX 4098-9770 – CO Sounder base

Simplex 4098-9770 CO Sounder base – combine an electrolytic CO sensing module with a TrueAlarm analog sensor to provide a single multiple sensing assembly using one system address. The CO sensor can be enabled/disabled, used in LED/Switch modes and custom control, and can be made public for communication across a fire alarm Network.

CO sensor operation is similar to other TrueAlarm sensors (photoelectric or heat). It provides current analog values, average analog value, “No Answer” troubles, “Wrong Device” troubles, over threshold, concentration in ppm, and monitors for the presence of the CO sensor. Base mounted address selection allows the address to remain with its location when the sensor is removed for service or type change. Address access is from the front, under the removable sensor. An integral red LED indicates power-on by pulsing, or alarm or trouble when steady on, and also provides test mode status. Detailed status is available at the fire alarm control panel

*Technical Specification

Simplex 4098-9770 CO Sounder base catalogue


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