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Simplex 4007ES panel brings advanced Simplex performance to smaller facilities.

We’ve packed many of the features you’d find in our larger panels – like networking, multi-hazard suppression release, computer port protocol for building system integration, TrueAlert ES addressable notification technology, and a color touchscreen display– into a compact, cost-effective package.



Simplex 4010ES fire alarm system is a highly flexible and powerful 1,000-point addressable analog system for small- to mid-sized facilities.  Unlike many systems of this size, points can be used for detectors, modules or manual stations as needed to meet the requirements of each building.

Labor-saving features such as device-level ground fault isolation and almost dirty smoke sensor status reports reduce installation time for electrical contractors and allows for proactive maintenance to be scheduled at one-time to help eliminate unwanted nuisance alarms for owners and end-users.


  • Ability to manage up to 1,000 addresses
  • LCD display, 2×40 characters. 3 buttons and 6 programmable LEDs.
  • Choice of 1 Cabin Cabin (1-Bay Cabinet) or 2 Cabin (2-Bay Cabinet)
  • 127 VESDA Points
  • Network External: 100 Points
  • Annunciator Points: 2,000 Points
  • Suitable for medium scale projects; Or for upgrading, expansion, renovation: school, office building, library, medical center, apartment / apartment.
  • Origin: Mexico, USA
  • Standards (Listings & Approvals): UL, ULC Listed; FM Approved
  • Use TrueAlarm Addressable Sensors – The 4010ES system can control Simplex’s industry-leading TruaAlarm addressable sensors.
  • Simplex 4120 Network Ready – The 4010ES control panel can become part of a multi-node fire alarm system network.  The peer-to-peer network provides a communications platform for centralized annunciation and ensures unparalleled survivability with control and information sharing that does not rely on centralized processing
  • Emergency Voice Communication –  In conjunction with a standalone Simplex 4003EC voice control panel, the 4010ES can be part of a large Emergency Communications or Mass Notification System.

SIMPLEX 4010ES Catalogue


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