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Metasys ADS/ADX

Application and Data Server/Extended

Application and Data Server


The Johnson Controls Metasys Application and Data Server/Extended Application and Data Server (ADS/ADX) is an optional component that brings an entire new suite of technologies to your system. The Metasys ADS/ADX manages the collection of large amounts of trend data, event messages, operator transactions, and system configuration data. This server provides site unification, advanced reporting, a simple and intuitive  user interface, and a hierarchical network view of the entire system for all connected devices, which allows for efficient control of energy usage, quick response to critical conditions, and optimization of automation strategies.


  • Support of IT Standards and Internet Technologies
  • Mobile-Optimized User Interface
  • Secure User Access Site Director Function
  • Long-Term Trend Data Storage


Use an ADS when:
• the number of network engines becomes larger than a single network engine can handle efficiently as Site Director
• long-term historical data storage needs exceed the capacity of a typical network engine
• the number of simultaneous users logging in exceeds the capacity of a single network engine. The ADS supports up to 5 simultaneous users, and up to 10 to 14 NxE engines. Refer to the Metasys System Configuration Guide (LIT-12011832).
Use an ADX when:
• the Metasys Advanced Reporting System, Energy Essentials, or the Metasys for Validated Environments (MVE), Extended Architecture application is required
• you need to support more than 5 simultaneous users. The ADX supports up to 10, 25, 50, or 100 users, and up to 1,000 NxE engines. Refer to the Metasys System Configuration Guide (LIT-12011832).
• any one of your data storage or access requirements is not met by an ADS

Metasys ADS/ADX catalogue


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