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KHIND – A World Brand… From Malaysia

Khind was found in 1961 by our Chairman Mr Cheng King Fa. Khind Holdings is a leading manufacturer and marketer of electrical and electronics appliances exporting its wide range of products to more then 50 countries with a business turnover of more than RM350 million, about USD85 million. KHIND has 11 offices in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hongkong và Dubai.



KHIND Switch and Socket factory, products were certified by reputable organizations in the world. Project Al Zahia, Sharjah had chosen KHIND as provider of switches and sockets. KHIND got awarded as the Best Malaysia Brand in Middle East in year 2010.

Al Zahia, Sharjah project KHIND – SWITCH AND SOCKET

Al Zahia, Sharjah project

KHIND Product Quality

Our company adopts the American general PC material, which is mainly used for the panel, button, fixed frame, rear and transparent film of the company’s products. PC (Polycarbonates) is a durable material and has many good advantages like high resistance impact, high flame retardancy and is resistance to yellowing.


Panel high strength. We use high quality PC material SABIC GE plastics. Our materials environmental protection, high strength and difficult be out of shape. Many brands switch cover use ABS material. Easy be out of shape.

Flame retardancy good. Thermostability, antiflaming, excellent electrical insulating property reduce the heat make together and difficult change color. Our plastics material V0 grade. Many brands use V1 or V2 grade and easy to cause a fire.

Material components. We use high quality phosphor copper, high elastic. Difficult be out of shape, thermal conductivity good, corrosion resisting, product life more than the normal copper. If use bad quality copper, the elasticity bad, use about half year, the copper will be broken, and the copper parts easy corrode.

Large silver contact. We use high quality silver alloy contact, the contact bigger than many famous brands. Also the silver layer thickness more than many famous brands. Can use more than 100.000 times (the international standard is 40000 times), also the welding resistance is very good. So our products quality guarantee 25 years. Many switch brands use plating silver, the silver contact very small and just can use 220V/10A less than 2.000 times.


V socket patent design. We use high quality phosphor material and copper cylinder design. V style design and standard insert and pull out 10.000 times no problem. Other brands of the use of inferior materials, general design and the service life is not long.

Safety performance. UK Socket with DP switch in a circuit plays a disconnect the effect of zero wire at the same time, to ensure that when the power is no more than electric socket, own reduce equipment failure, high reliability and safety. UK socket with single pole switch the role of the wire in the circuit. It is difficult to ensure that when the power socket is in the state of the electricity, poor reliability and safety.

KHIND Product Highlights


Classic Design. Key design of piano keys, wide and thin classics. Simple and smooth body shape, insired by pure flat. Generous and clear, elegant style, flexible combination, leading the new industry trend.

The uncorrugated panel of ultra – smooth finishing. Our China factory use first class polishing technology to ensure our panel surface is ultra smooth and bright with almost zero shrinkage. We uses mold steel S136SUP. Our TP & TS series in terms of outlook as compare to other brands is more classy and our buttons switch gap is only 0.25mm between the buttons. The arrangement between the buttons needs to be very uniform and stable, and there is no squeezing between them. Otherwise, the button will create a scratching sensation between the buttons during the process of dialing, and sometimes even the adjacent button will be connected.


High-grade plastic material. Our factory use high flame retardant grade plastic material, expensive general 243r PC, flame retardant grade in American standard UL V – 2 – V – a level 0, which can prevent any fire hazard. Characteristics: 1. High flame retardancy;2. High intensity;3. The resistance to turn yellowish.

High quality hardware. All copper pieces are made of the finest copper available in the country. Terminal with H65 brass, small resistance, good plasticity, high strength. The socket is fitted with semi-hard tin phosphor bronze with small resistance and excellent resilience. The switch board is made of copper strip with thickness greater than 0.7mm, good conductivity and high strength. The switch contact uses a silver alloy coating with a thickness greater than 0.3mm. The contact resistance is small, and it is not easy to be burnt and has a long service life.


Safety, Reliable Features. Our socket gate structure is designed to withstand most harsh conditions. Able to withstand about 20N (about 2KG) pressure of any angle on 20 n ensuring that it don’t touch the live parts (global standard force for 1 n) electricity.

Product Quality Assurances. KHIND Switches surpass the normal product life span based on the national standard testing which can last for almost 25 years. Switch service life over 60,000 times (national standard 20,000 times). Socket service life over 30,000 times (national standard 5,000 times). Strong current carrying capacity, can control 64 fluorescent lamps simultaneously, withstand the instantaneous shock current can reach 120A.

Ultra slim Design. Eliminates the issue of socket base vibrating and product from expanding. Greatly improved the safety performance of switch socket. Certain well-known brands, the rear seat is bulky hence the installation will be more difficult as compare to our sleeker design.


Advanced shrapnel technology. The KHIND socket is made of 0.7mm refined copper to ensure all our products can last longer. Whereas comparing to traditional socket, is riveted by multiple pieces of copper thus the finishing is inferior.

From, Jun 2018, AppliancZ Vietnam became the authorized distributor of KHIND in the market of switch and socket in Vietnam. With this cooperation, AppliancZ will offer another good choice for developers, consultants, contractors in electrical appliance field.

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