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Hager was founded in 1955 and is now an independent enterprise owned and managed by its own Hager, based in Blieskastel, Germany. Hager is considered a European company (Societas Europaea, SE), which emphasizes both the cultural diversity and the European origin, where the Hager Group was born. The Hager Group is a global enterprise with more than 11,400 employees generating revenues of € 1.9 billion in 2016. Components and solutions are manufactured in 25 manufacturing sites worldwide and are trusted by customers in 136 countries around the world.

Hager, with products ranging from power distribution through cable management and wire accessories to building automation and security systems, represents the core business of the company.

Along with customers from industry and commerce, the Hager Group is working on future topics such as Electrodynamics, Ambient Assisted Living, where building automation facilitates the everyday lives of all people. The old people and individuals who need care and systen energy efficiency housing will bring greater comfort while requiring less energy consumption.

Even it’s Energy Distribution, Cable Management, Cable Accessories, Building Automation or Security in commercial buildings and buildings … thanks to Hager’s comprehensive service, Professional electricians know that they have in their hands the very best products in electrical solutions works.


With more than 60 years of professional experience to create an excellent distribution system, produce electrical equipment products easy to install and easy to use applications, and the power of innovation is what made for the Hager brand highlights. As the most recognized and trusted brand in the European market, Hager has a high reputation among distributors, design institutes, contractors and other partners. Along with other brands in the Hager Group, such as Flash, Lumetal and Ashley, we will provide our customers with high quality, high security and best solutions to meet the needs of our customers. At the same time, we also provide lifetime support services for all devices.

AppliancZ – Authorized Distributor of :Hager

In 2012, AppliancZ Vietnam became the authorized distributor of Hager in the market of household electrical accessories, industrial electrical equipment in Vietnam with the main product lines of electrical equipment as follows:

– Wiring accessories such as switches and sockets for finishing work with luxurious designs are specially designed in European style with high quality in accordance with British and International standards.

– Switching devices such as ISOLATOR, CB, MCB, RCC, RCCB, RCCB, … from low level to high level to meet the needs of all projects requiring many parameters and requirements. high art.

– Motion sensor floating and ceiling mounted with 200 degrees, 220 degrees, 360 degrees, 220 degrees 360 degrees (Twin).

– Wall mounted and wall mounted enclosures with beautiful and delicate design to create a complete electrical system and luxury for the project.

After 5 years operating in the distribution field of Hager electrical equipment, we have taken firm steps and established our reputation in the Vietnamese market through the typical projects we have provided  products such as Saigon Center, Vista Verde, Eastin Hotel, Krisvue, An Gia Riverside, An Gia Skyline, Estella Hights, Season Avenue, Somerset, Vtec Hotel …

We are always proud of being a reliable distributor of Hager for leading developers, consultants, contractors and mechanical contractors in the building and  construction industry in Vietnam such as Keppel Land, CapitaLand, Indochine Engineering, JRP Consultant, ANJ Group, Coteccons Group, Ricons, Unicons, CSCEC, Kurihara, Shinryo, Van Khanh M & E, Bintai Kindenko, Searefico, Ree, Sigma, Minh Viet, The Minh, Ion, 4M …


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