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Johnson Controls IBS Products

Johnson Controls – IBS -Intergrated Building Sollution

MS-NAE451L-2 Johnson Controls IBS ProductsJohnson Controls – MS-NAE451L- 2 (Application and Data Server – Ứng dụng và trung tâm dữ liệu)

The NAE45-Lite provides comprehensive equipment monitoring and control,
scheduling, alarm and event management, energy management, data exchange,
data trending, and data storage.

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MS-FAC2611-0 Johnson Controls IBS Products

Johnson Controls -FAC2611- Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller

MS-FAC2611- 0 feature an integral real-time clock and support time-based tasks,
which enables these field controllers to monitor and control schedules, calendars,
alarms, and trends. FACs can continue time-based control and monitoring when
offline for extended periods of time from a Metasys® system network.

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MS-FEC2621-0 Johnson Controls IBS Products

Johnson Controls- MS-FEC2621- Field Equipment Controller

17-Point Field Equipment Controller with 6 UI, 2 BI, 3 BO, 2 AO, and 4 CO; 24
VAC; FC and SA Bus Support; Integral Display and 6-Button Navigation Touch Pad

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IOM Johnson Controls IBS Products

Johnson Controls- IOM (Input  / Output Module)

IOMs can serve in one of two capacities, depending on where they are installed in
the Metasys system. When installed on the Sensor/Actuator (SA) Bus of an Field
Equipment Controller (FEC), Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller
(FAC), or VMA controller, the IOMs expand the point count of these controllers.
When installed on the Field Controller (FC) Bus, IOMs can be used as I/O point
multiplexors to support monitoring and control from an Network Automation
Engine (NAE) or Network Control Engine (NCE).

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t5200 Johnson Controls IBS Products

Johnson Controls- T5200-E ( LCD Digital Fan Coil Thermostat –bộ điều khiển nhiệt độ cho FCU)

T5200-E LCD digital fan coil thermostats are designed to control heating, cooling,
or year round air conditioning unit in commercial, industrial and residential

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VMA1630 Johnson Controls IBS ProductsJohnson Controls- VMA1630

The VMA1630 programmable digital controllers are designed for VAV
applications that communicate through the BACnet® Master-Slave/Token- Passing
(MS/TP) or N2 protocol. These VMA controllers feature combinations of an
integral digital pressure sensor (DPT), a damper actuator, and a 32-bit

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T8600 Johnson Controls IBS ProductsJohnson Controls- T8600 Modbus Thermostat- bộ điều khiển nhiệt độ Modbus

T8600 features with microcomputer control, large LCD screen display, and
displays the status of work mode (cooling/heating/air ventilation), fan speed,
indoor temperature and set temperature etc.. Capacitive touch screen enhances the
fluency on operation. Keypad includes: Power on/off , Mode selection , Fan Speed
selection , Clock/Timer and two Adjustment buttons .

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T8800 Johnson Controls IBS ProductsJohnson Controls- T8800 Bacnet Thermostat- Bộ điều khiển nhiệt độ Bacnet

The T8800 series touch screen fan coil thermostat controls the fan coil with the
local temperature to create a comfortable environment. It allows the user to select
the temperature units, set points, modes, and different values to control the
Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to maintain the desired
room temperature. The optional Occupied/ Unoccupied feature saves energy.

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M9108 Johnson Controls IBS Products

Johnson Controls- M9108 Actuator-động cơ van điện

M9108-GGx- 2 or M9108-HGx- 2 model delivers up to 70 lb∙in (8 N∙m) of torque.
The angle of rotation is mechanically adjustable from 0 to 90° in 5-degree
increments. Integral auxiliary switches are available to indicate end-stop position
or to perform switching functions at any angle within the selected rotation range.

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